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France unveils plan to cut police suicides
Cazeneuve announced on Wednesday a series of measures to fight the growing crisis in the French police that has seen a dramatic rise in the number of suicides.

Widow of Plainfield cop who took own life tells of pain, guilt
Bobbi Boges remembers the exact minute of the hour of the day when she made the shattering discovery that her husband and life partner of 25 years was dead in their Watchung garage.

Detective sees progress in suicide prevention among colleagues
Dr Amanda Allisey, a key researcher in a current Mental Health Promotion project, said reducing police suicide stigma and providing managers with the skills to promote healthier working practices are the key to preventing mental illness in the police force.

This book takes an individual human approach to the problem of suicide in public safety occupations. As a researcher in suicide, coauthor John Violanti relies heavily upon statistics to make the case for prevention. These worthwhile statistics help to form the big picture, but one must keep in mind that these are just statistics and not people.

BADGE OF LIFE - Police Mental Health Quarterly Newsletter January 2015
A quarterly newsletter from http://www.badgeoflife.com/. Highlights include a discussion of who is responsible for a sound mental health program in a department, the anxiety officers face as the result of recent demonstrations, the dilemma faced by disabled officers, and a new first responders post-trauma center in Florida.

St. Petersburg College awarded grant to help prevent suicide among firefighters
SPCís Center for Public Safety Innovation (CPSI) has received a $190,000 grant from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA) for suicide prevention training for firefighters. While September is National Suicide Prevention Month, preventing suicide among the nationís first responders is a year-round focus for CPSI.

Breaking the Silence: Suicide Prevention in Law Enforcement
The Carson J Spencer Foundation, in partnership with the International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP), National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, and the American Association of Suicidology, launched a new video today entitled Breaking the Silence: Suicide Prevention in Law Enforcement, making a clear call to action to Police Chiefs around the world to make suicide prevention a health and safety priority.

There's Nothing Selfish About Suicide - Katie Hurley
Huffington Post (Aug. 12, 2014)

Wisconsin police officer trains for a cause close to his heart - (FOX 6 - Green Bay, WI)
"What I'm trying to do is raise $25,000 dollars for a program called "Concerns Of Police Survivors." - Officer Israel Deutsch.

Project Blue Light Memorial Ride - Ride For Honor
This memorial ride is to remember and honor those law enforcement officers who have died by suicide. There is no registration fee -- just show up on Sunday, July 13. For more information, you can e-mail the event coordinator, Vince Gibson at vgibson6224@live.com. Include project blue light memorial ride in phila in subject line.

Prison Officers Need Help, but They Wonít Ask for It
Newsweek - May 27, 2014

Preventing Law Enforcement Officer Suicide
New Resource: Breaking the Silence: A National Symposium on Law Enforcement Officer Suicide and Mental Health. Developed by The International Association of Chiefs of Police (IACP).

The In Harm's Way National Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Project Training-of-Trainers has been added to the Suicide Prevention Resource Center's Best Practices Registry: http://www.sprc.org/bpr/section-III/harm's-way-law-enforcement-suicide-prevention

The In Harms Way National Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Project Training-of-Trainers
has been added to the Suicide Prevention Resource Centers Best Practices Registry.

Detroit police program launches to help alleviate officers' job-related stress
Job-related stress for police officers leads to domestic violence, alcoholism, divorce and, some believe, higher suicide rates than the general population.

Daughter of Groton City police lieutenant who committed suicide pushes for more mental health support for officers
Lauren Forbes is ready to talk about her father's death in the hopes that it will prevent future police suicides.

HelpPRO Suicide Prevention Therapist Finder Launches on World Suicide Prevention Day
The goal is to help save lives by making suicide prevention and bereavement resources more directly accessible and to encourage therapists to update their suicide prevention training. Paul Quinnett, PhD, President and CEO, The QPR Institute, Inc. says "Twenty-two of our veterans will take their own lives today. So will someone's daughter, a brother, a co-worker and far too many working men and grandfathers. The Finder helps practitioners update their skills by connecting them to new training developed in the last five to ten years based on best practices research which saves lives."

Law Enforcement Officer Suicide and Mental Health
Article from the National Action Alliance for Suicide Prevention, by Yost Zakhary, Director, Woodway Public Safety Department, Woodway, TX, First Vice President, International Association of Chiefs of Police.

A Manager's Guide to Suicide Postvention in the Workplace
10 action steps for dealing with the aftermath of a suicide.

Stress Management in Law Enforcement - Third Edition
The third edition of Stress Management in Law Enforcement by Dr. Leonard Territo and Dr. James Sewell is once again a carefully selected collection of the leading articles on stress and its consequences for police personnel. Order through cap-press.com and get a 25% discount when you use this coupon code: STRESS3E before 9/30/2013.

The enemy within: Soldier suicides outpaced combat deaths in 2012
More soldiers took their own lives than died in combat during 2012, new Department of Defense figures show. The Army's suicide rate has climbed by 9 percent since the military branch launched its suicide-prevention campaign in 2009.

War Torn: Suicide and the Military
The military tracks suicides among the troops. The Department of Veterans Affairs studies self-inflicted deaths among people who have left the service. Nobody collects data on suicides among the parents, siblings and spouses of the more than 6,500 Americans killed in Afghanistan and Iraq.

In the Line of Duty - Investigation into how the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ministry of Community Safety and Correctional Services have addressed operational stress injuries affecting police officers.

Can nasal spray help prevent military suicides?
In the midst of a crisis that saw its highest rate of suicide in July, the Army has greenlighted a grant for Dr. Michael Kubek, an Indiana University of Medicine professor, to dig deeper into whether a nasal spray could be a safe and effective way to administer a specific antidepressive neurochemical to the brain and help calm suicidal thoughts.

I Want You To Care About PTSDPTSD: Fighting the Stigma
Financed by the Pentagon and produced by the Institute of Medicine, (that influential member of the National Academy of Sciences with particular political and legislative sway), a 400-page report recommended a broad range of PTSD-related initiatives. They include annual PTSD screenings for troops returning from combat, and a more coordinated approach to supporting those with PTSD between the Department of Defense and the Veterans Administration.

Guest commentary: Veteran and soldier suicides must be addressed
"By supporting H.R. 26 I am telling Congress that I no longer will accept that suicide is a normal part of military service. I think I need to do more to help those who have put everything on the line for us."

Officers get help from SDPD's wellness unit
"This job Ö takes a real toll. We respond to everyone else's worst-case scenarios, several times a day," she said. "It has an accumulative effect on people."

Sleep Problems Plague Cops, Study Suggests - ABC News
In a study published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (JAMA), researchers at Brigham and Women's Hospital in Boston surveyed nearly 5,000 police officers in North America. They found that 40 percent of the cops studied had a sleep disorder, many undiagnosed and untreated. The disorders, added the researchers, had implications for the officers' health and performance, and subsequently for public safety.

New FL RCPI Critical Incident Peer Support for Law Enforcement course

Rolling Backup - LA County Sheriff's Department Training Video

John Violanti, Ph.D. - books, articles and publications

Dell Hackett - books, articles and publications



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A Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Toolkit was designed to help you present suicide prevention training within your department, reduce the stigma associated with seeking help, and encourage your officers to roll backup for each other.

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