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Law Enforcer Calls to Helpline are Spiking
The founder of CopLine says calls are up 74% compared to last year...

Chicago Launches ‘Early Intervention’ System to Identify Troubled Cops
A computerized “early intervention” system will help identify cops in urgent need of mental health counseling, under a new program launched Tuesday by the Chicago Police Department...

September is National Suicide Awareness Month (resources)
Suicide awareness and student resources from St. Petersburg College.

Law Enforcement Suicides: Protect Ourselves, Protect Each Other
This article has been published in the Florida Sheriff’s Association All Points Bulletin Fall 2018.

Law Enforcement Suicides: Protect Ourselves, Protect Each Other
This article has been published in the Florida Sheriff’s Association All Points Bulletin Fall 2018.

CloseUp: Police suicide rocks law enforcement community
Officials are asking for more resources, training and community involvement. Advertisement. Recommended. VIDEO: Propane explosion caught on ...

LAPD Leadership Making Suicide Prevention a Priority
Until recently The Los Angeles Police Department had a record streak going. No officer died by suicide for over two years. Before 2017 they the ...

NYPD will mine data on all cops in effort to prevent suicides
The move is part of a number of things the department is doing to address officer wellness in the wake of multiple LEO suicides.

4 police officers. 4 different ways to cope with suicide and mental health
They're far more likely to die by suicide than by heart attack or traffic accidents, according to data from Blue H.E.L.P, a police suicide prevention group, ...

"It's an epidemic": Greece police chief calls for cultural shift to prevent officer suicide
The 2019 New York State Law Enforcement Suicide Awareness Walk will take place in the town of Greece on Saturday, September 28. It starts at 10 ...

The 'code of silence' killing US police officers
The death of nine New York police officers this year has left family members, law enforcement and politicians pointing fingers and placing blame. But suicide is a more profound problem, deeply entrenched in police culture. What's behind the epidemic?

Retired NYPD sergeant dies by suicide, bringing total to 10 this year
The number of NYPD officers who committed suicide has doubled this year.

Integrating officer suicide prevention into in-service training
If suicide prevention is to be accepted as a part of our culture, it has to start at the beginning of an officer's career

Calif. PD working to get officer who killed himself recognized on memorials
Officer Tom Richard killed himself with a single gunshot wound to his head – he was found with his badge in his left hand

With police suicide rates on the rise, the Sioux City PD takes a proactive approach
SIOUX CITY, Iowa (KCAU) – What began as a routine traffic stop…

Brooklyn Borough President Addresses Police Suicide In PSA
In "One Shot," former NYPD officer Eric Adams urges city cops not to consider a bullet as their only shot for relief.

"The Silent Killer is Suicide": Law Enforcement Focuses on Suicide Among its Ranks
ORLANDO, Fla. — Any first responder knows there are inherit risks associated with their work, however some of those risks are not as obvious to the general public.

Rolling Backup - LA County Sheriff's Department Training Video

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In Harm's Way: Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention


A Law Enforcement Suicide Prevention Toolkit was designed to help you present suicide prevention training within your department, reduce the stigma associated with seeking help, and encourage your officers to roll backup for each other.

Speakers Bureau

You can select an expert to visit your department as part of training or as a focused event.

Training Events

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Annual training events will be scheduled throughout the nation. You will have the opportunity talk to other departments and join in the prevention effort.

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