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Sheriff Whitcomb Talks About Former Sheriff John | wgrz.com
Cattaraugus County (NY) Sheriff Tim Whitcomb has tried to answer a question that has no real answer: how do you make sense of something that was so senseless? He talks about former Cattaraugus County Sheriff Dennis John.

#5 About Traumatic Stress - Force Science News - 11/11/04

20 tips for helping a traumatized officer -PoliceOne.com - 06/20/05

California Highway Patrol Suicide Prevention 2009 - PDF

Cop 2 Cop Hotline offers counseling and referrals - AtlanticVille News - 12/08/05

Cop 2 Cop Media Kit - the 24-hour Confidential Hotline for New Jersey Law Enforcement
Officers and their families

Crisis Referral Services - Washington State requires crisis intervention training.

Planning ahead for losing sleep - American Police Beat - 01/12/2010

Post Violence Trauma - Police Officers Are The Victims - PDF - Revised November 2003

Practical pointers for preventing "suicide by inches" - PoliceOne.com - 07/22/08

Suicide in Police Work: Exploring Potential Contributing Influences - Dr. John Violanti

Suicide prevention must be a priority - American Police Beat - 01/12/2010


Preventing Law Enforcement Officer Suicide: A Compilation of Resources and Best Practices


COP 2 COP - The 24-hour helpline for New Jersey law enforcement officers and their families.

The Counseling Team International provides exceptional counseling, training, critical incident intervention and support to personnel and their families within California as well as nationwide.

Powerpoint Presentations

Suicide Lessons Learned: An Overview - Cop 2 Cop Download PPT >>

Rolling Backup - Los Angeles County Sheriff's Department training video

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Statistical Accuracy

IN HARM’S WAY is a federally funded program that offers training seminars and workshops nationally on suicide prevention.  This webpage offers a plethora of resources, reproducible materials, articles with varying viewpoints, statistics and opinions from which readers can form their own conclusions on the magnitude of the law enforcement suicide problem, its causes and the best approaches to finding a solution.  Statistics are skewed due to the fact that agencies are not required to catalog and report suicide cases and, therefore, frequently agencies do not record suicides as such due to a variety of reasons.  Those law enforcement suicide statistics that appear to be most valid are found in the work of John M. Violanti, Ph.D., Police Suicide: Epidemic in Blue, and Andy O’Hara, Badge of Life, Tracking Police Suicides 2008, 2009.













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