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Are You Unbalanced? The self-imposed threats to our own equilibrium
Mike Wasilewski and Althea Olson, LCSW, August 17, 2009, LawOfficer.com

Central Florida Police Stress Unit
The unit provides a confidential response for law enforcement officers.

Counselors monitoring prison officers with PTSD
Boston Globe Online - 09/06/10

Massive study on police stress and health
American Police Beat - 12/16/10

Midnight shift and health risks: New study tells sobering truths
Force Science News #139, 12/18/09

National Criminal Justice Referece Service
Stress Management resource search

Planning ahead for losing sleep
American Police Beat - 01/12/10

Police Officer Suicide: How to cope, how to heal

Police Officer Suicide: Recognizing the signs and helping our colleages in distress

Psychological Issues in Line-of-Duty Suicides: Stress, Coping, and Defense Mechanisms
Richard L. Levenson, Jr., Psy.D., CTS

Post Violence Trauma - Police Officers are The Victims
Wayne R. Hill, Ph.D. - Revised November 2003

Stress is a killer
Toronto Sun Online - 03/11/10

"This Emotional Life"
PBS three-part series, January 4-6, 2010 (DVD)

Tips for "keeping it together" after a bad call



Stress ManagementStress Management in Law Enforcement 2nd Edition by Leonard Territo and James D. Sewell. This is a collection of leading articles on stress factors and their consequences for police personnel.






Police AdministrationPolice Administration - Structures, process, and behavior. 7th Edition by Charles R. Swanson, Leonard Territo and Robert W. Taylor. This book presents a carefully researched and vivid introduction to police organizations that focuses on the procedures, politics, and human relations issues that law enforcement managers and administrators must understand in order to succeed. Stress and police personnel are presented in Chapter 13.





Understanding Post-Traumatic Stress - In this short video, Bob Delaney, a retired New Jersey State Trooper, discusses peer-to-peer therapy as a first line of defense in dealing with post-traumatic stress.



West Coast Post-Trauma Retreat (WCPR) - Download the Infomation PDF

Catch a Falling Star - Confidential Assistance Program For Officers and Their families

Quantum Leap Farm - Quantum Leap Farm enriches and enhances the lives of mentally and physically disabled clients by engaging them in a variety of equestrian activities designed to promote and improve physical, mental and social well-being.

The Badge of Life
A psychological survival plan for police officers. View YouTube introduction video.

United We Stand At E.A.S.E. offers a trauma resolution program for police officers and first responders.


Statistical Accuracy

IN HARM’S WAY is a federally funded program that offers training seminars and workshops nationally on suicide prevention.  This webpage offers a plethora of resources, reproducible materials, articles with varying viewpoints, statistics and opinions from which readers can form their own conclusions on the magnitude of the law enforcement suicide problem, its causes and the best approaches to finding a solution.  Statistics are skewed due to the fact that agencies are not required to catalog and report suicide cases and, therefore, frequently agencies do not record suicides as such due to a variety of reasons.  Those law enforcement suicide statistics that appear to be most valid are found in the work of John M. Violanti, Ph.D., Police Suicide: Epidemic in Blue, and Andy O’Hara, Badge of Life, Tracking Police Suicides 2008, 2009.



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